Monday, August 4, 2008

FUEL tv.

Due to me being extremely bored lately since ALL of my friends have left me :(
(either on vacation or moved)
I have been watching A LOT of tv and tonight was no exception.

With my parentals getting directtv in the house, it has not just brought cable into my bedroom, but has also brought the BEST channel to my viewing. FUEL tv. I am all about sports and ESPN doesnt cut it for me! Dont get me wrong I love watching football, basketball, and most of all baseball, BUT you can only watch that channel for so long. Fuel tv on the otherhand has given me a chance to watch some of my favorite sports of all which are snowboarding and surfing.

Tonight I was just so happening to watch one of the MANY shows on this fabulous channel about surfing! It was all about the 2007 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, which last year I was able to attend part of.

I was out there supporting my dad Russell Charles Short and his friends opening their surf shop in Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii called Bonzer Front, which by the way is right next to their famous North Shore Restaurant called Cafe Haleiwa (It's the best place to eat breakfast or lunch on the Norht Shore). Malcolm and Duncan Campbell are 2 super cool dudes that grew up with my dad in the surfing world. They began their long surfer bum lives in a small town in California! The Campbell Brothers weren't only surfing they were making history in the surfing industry too, by making surfboards. Making surfboards is what they love to do, not only for my dad and the rest of the old Bonzer crew, but for a lot of the pro's you see today like Taylor Knox, Mick Fanning, and Brad Gerlach just to name a few.

Anyways, as I was watching the show all of the sudden the footage that was taken from the grand opening of the surf shop's party came on. My brothers and I were unfortunantely not able to make it on the program, but I did see some familiar faces. Not only was Malcolm and Duncan on, but they had some old footage of my pops doing what he does best and riding the wet stuff and being a complete goober on camera. It was the weirdest thing EVER to see my old man on tv, super crazy!

Now let me just tell you a little about my dad. Back in the day he used to be a pro surfboarder riding bonzer boards and traveling the world. He is getting up there in the age, but you could never tell at first glance. He not only still looks like a 30 year old dude, but still surfs like one. He rips at surfing to this day and is in the water as much as possible! All I can say is I'm amazed and so proud.


Here is some footage of my daddy that I found on youtube

Sunday, August 3, 2008

jessica paige baker.

Ashley: Miss Jessica Paige Baker the baby maker.

Jessica: I only practice.

I love this girl sooo much and miss her to death!

She Completes me!

November 25, 2005

Late one cold November night Ashlee Brown and I got a phone call from our buddy Kyle Clark telling us to come up to his house in Woodland Hills, UT (A small town on the mountain next to Elk Ridge which is where mi casa is). We went up there thinking nothing special, just another night on the town, but we were so wrong. Jessica Paige Baker was in the house. We were introduced to eachother and I was told that the night was special, special because it was my girl Jessica's birthday, the big 18. Jess and I started talking about life. She told me she was going to Spanish Fork High School and would be graduating that May. I realized that my brother Tyler was the same age as her and he had actually gone to a school in Spanish Fork in the past. I decided to ask Jess if she had known him and she did. Her exact words were "Oh my gosh, ya I know that kid I used to push him into lockers." That's when I knew we would be the best of friends.

Even though we have had our ups and downs and we drifted away from eachother for a bit. We know in our hearts we will always be friends. This November 25th (Jessica's 21st birthday...YAY), will be 3 years for us and hopefully we will have tons more years to come.

I am so excited we have started hanging out again. This past week has been so amazing. Hanging out with the boys of 1250 East, meeting new friends, are late night del taco run and getting our ugly unicorn and snake 50 cent tatoos (which I will probably never put on my body), ghost hunting, spoon me, Pour Some Sugar On Me (our stripper dance), our cabin experience and me being a total creeper...

Ashley: Ya Jess and I were doing it and then she fell asleep at 1am and I was up till 5am watching her sleep.

Garrett: Wait! A boy watched you sleep...creepy!

Ashley: No, I was watching Jess sleep because I'm a creeper like that!


Garrett wakes up to find me sitting there.

Ashley: Don't worry, I'm just watching you sleep, go back to bed!
ya im a creeper!

...playing mario kart and eating pokemon mac n' cheese, and so much more I can't even go on people will be soo jealous of our good times ;)

Anyways...everyone Jess left me saturday morning on a 10 day adventure to California leaving me stranded by myself in Utah! I don't know what she was thinking doing this to me, it's only been 1 day and I'm already struggling! When she gets home it will be nothing but Jess time. We will be camping and going on many adventures and I can hardly wait for that.

August 10th better come quickly.