Monday, November 24, 2008

this one for the cuhzin.

It's that time of the year again when I decide to write a random ass blog.

It only happens every so often and it's usually when something is annoying or exciting in my life.

BUT, this blog is for my cousin Tonya, because she has nothing better to do then read about my life cause she finds my life super exciting and interesting and maybe a little weird. ha

No, I'm kidding! I love her and she is like my sunday school teacher telling me to write in my journal, because it will come in handy in the future. :)

Well, seeing how I live a boring life and don't really have anything fun or exciting to write about...I'll blab for a bit!

So the Freeman/Short household invested in a new doggy! His name is CUBBIE and he is about 10 years old. We adopted him from the human society and he is the cutest nicest new little doggy addition we have had in a long time. It was Auzzy's birthday present, he doesnt turn 12 till December 10th, but, he absolutely loves him.

Right now I am planning my 22 birfday. Yep that's right ill be 22 freakin years old and turning into an old women! So, why not celebrate my last years of younghood by celebrating my birthday in a wonderful WARM place....HAWAII! Yes, that's right, my friends and I are planning a trip to Hawaii for my birthday and I can't hardly wait. Its gonna be off the heezy fo sheezy fo sho mayneeee! 12 or so days on a pimping island is what I call a damn good partayyy!
Also, Christmas is a love/hate holiday! I mean I LOVE getting presents and eating candy and goodies is presents is great too, but, I HATE HATE HATE trying to decide what to give people! I don't know what they like. I know what I like. I need idea's, so, if anyone knows any sweet present ideas let me know!
Oh and I need to take more peekchuressss so if you read this I need volunteer model peeps...
holla atcha GIRLLL!
peace out foolios
until next time